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Since NMC provides its services free of charge, our income comes from profits from pump sales and rentals, product sales, membership dues, and the donations made by members and the families we serve. NMC conducts an annual drive, our main source of funding, in which we send a mailing to our members and the families we have served. 

We have also been fortunate to receive some small grants from our local community foundation to enable NMC to purchase pumps and kits for low income families and resources for our free breastfeeding classes.

There are a number of ways to become a supporter of NMC. We are grateful for your contributions, and hope you will find an adequate means below. If you'd like to make some other kind of contribution, please contact us at

  • online donation through PayPal (san francisco bay area chapter)
  • online donation using a secure web site,
  • escrip
    group ID 130495033 (sf bay area chapter)
    group ID 139295047 (santa cruz chapter)
  • amazon smile
  • recurring donations
  • planned giving
  • snail mail
support nmc